We always say, “Less is more.” That’s why we let nature take center-stage in our practices and products.

Our foundation is based on purity, potency, and precision. We are dedicated to making the cleanest most organic products on the planet. Our adherence to sustainability is three fold: It’s good for the Earth, it’s good for our customers, and it’s good for our employees. By relying on ourselves, and not suppliers and other businesses, we can assure that we have no supply chain disruptions — no matter what happens.



Ruby Farms is one of the first USDA certified organic hemp farms in America. Our Process is an example of how we’ve achieved that.


  • Maintain and always enhance our strict and certified organic practices.
  • Operate with a reduced carbon footprint in the agricultural space.
  • Prioritize sustainable water management.
  • Close the loop in the circle of life, promoting true sustainability.
  • Adhere to an annual breeding program to constantly develop new genetics with a focus on creating different aromatics, and cultivating plants for specific purposes.
  • Keep everything on the farm: Harvest, fresh-freeze, and cure all of our cannabis ourselves. Transfer the plants to our distillery for creating oils. Then finish our products in our manufacturing facility and prepare them in our packaging room. We then fulfill and ship every order ourselves.
  • Use eco-friendly and recycled packaging — corrugated paper, glass, or tin.
  • Employ a natural pest management system by growing other, non-consumable, plants that deter harmful insects. Other farms use pesticides, we partner with mother nature to get this job done. We put the extra work in because we never take shortcuts.

We have the the less is more mantra. The higher quality equals a higher purity, higher purity means the less you will need to use, resulting in the most potent products on the market.

All of our adult use cannabis products have 100% traceability back to the time it was a seed. this means from seed to sale, we meticulously craft all of our products throughout the various stages of Production, manufacturing and packaging right on our farm.