Ruby Farms is a farm-to-table cannabis lifestyle brand.

We’re classic and rooted in tradition and values, and we’re also innovative and constantly building toward the future. We craft products that help control the tempo of your day, find balance during calming rituals, and unwind when all is said and done.

We cultivate and craft highly vibrational premium products with a purpose that elevate your mind, body, and spirit. We use cannabis as the foundation for making products that enlighten, strengthen mental and physical health, and help you get restful and restorative sleep — we’re with you every step of the way to help lift you into your next adventure.


We started our journey in Bend, Oregon in 2015.

Our 40-acre farm is USDA certified organic for hemp and all of the other 14 variations of super-herbs and plants that we grow. We’re proud to say that we’re both a private business and a multi-state operator.

As pioneers in the West Coast cannabis movement, our core values are simple: Prioritize sustainability, employ organic practices, live off the land, and use what nature has to offer to create the finest, cleanest, and most consistent cannabis products available.

We start with a strong foundation, our soil. We adhere to strict organic practices to create and cultivate wholesome and healthy plants. Every plant, and the oil we extract, is created and cultivated with a purpose. Every plant is grown with a specific end-product in mind. Everything we do is intentional and purposeful.

And we do it all on our farm — from working the soil to packaging and distributing the product. It’s how we can guarantee that we give you the best cannabis and cannabis-products available. When you invite us into your home and make us part of your rituals, you can trust us to respect that. We’re here to enhance your health. We’re dedicated to supporting mental health and physical wellbeing.

We’re farmers at the core, and we believe in a healthy and present lifestyle. We know that this is only the beginning, and that the industry is still young. We’re here for the journey and we’re excited about the future. And we’re proud to be part of your lives.

Our Commitment
to Sustainability
& Organic farming

Sustainability is at the core of what we do, from the way we plant, grow, water, harvest, and distribute our herbs.

Our biodynamic soils not only feed our cannabis plants but also contribute to self-sustainability. Known simply as the circle of life. Our acreage is divided into separate plots so we have minimal waste as we repurpose all of our botanicals into our Ruby product line. We close the loop by introducing our remaining waste into our soil, which enriches our grounds year after year.