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Our skin isn’t just skin. It’s our first point of contact with the world around us. It’s our first layer of defense. And it’s the largest organ system of our bodies. It accounts for about 15% of our body weight. And it’s a powerful way of absorbing healing nutrition. So it’s time we start treating it with the respect it deserves.

So, why are topicals so effective? There are two reasons:

1) Topicals treat locally. This means they work immediately and directly on where you place them.

2) Topicals enter the bloodstream through our skin.

Our skin is incredible, and when we treat it well we feel better.

Think about the euphoria of spending a beautiful day at the beach. The sun shining down on you, nourishing you with Vitamin D. The salt water, with its ​​potassium and calcium content, splashing against you while it absorbs bacteria, refines pores, exfoliates, and cleanses you.

We use all natural and organic food-quality ingredients in our topicals. They are not merely “safe”, they’re good for you. They promote health and wellbeing. And it starts the second you put our Ruby Farms Revive & Restore topicals on your skin.

Ruby Farms Topicals feature our special nano-emulsification process that increases the bioavailability of the plant’s nourishing compounds, and delivers it to you faster than traditional topicals.

Turkey Tail Mushroom

Our Turkey Tail Mushroom Balm helps to fight inflammation and restore vitality and balance in the nervous system. It also has amazing anti-aging properties that reduce tension and stress in the body, promoting physical and mental longevity.

This mushroom-packed balm is gentle on your skin, but tough on skin conditions ranging from wrinkles and dryness to eczema.

This potent all-day balm features our balanced blend known as Ruby No. 83 Hybrid. This immunity boosting and inflammation fighting balm is gentle enough to put anywhere you need it, but it’s serious enough to get the job done — when you need it.

And while we intended to make something that heals you (and it does), we may have also accidentally created one of the best skincare products on the planet.

Turkey Tail Mushroom

Eucaliptus Sage

Our Eucalyptus Sage Balm is formulated for relaxation and rejuvenation. When your mind and body are relaxed, you sleep deeper.

Our potent garden-grown eucalyptus will help you breathe better, which is a key component to reaching REM sleep and waking up fresh and rejuvenated.

And the balm’s sage promotes inner peace with a deeply cleansing energy. Our Eucalyptus Sage balm leaves your body relaxed and your mind at ease.

We suggest applying this to your temples for overall relaxation and to use it specifically where your body feels the most achy and tired. This calming end-of-day balm relaxes you with our special Ruby No. 23 Indica.

Eucaliptus Sage

Blue Tansy

Our Blue Tansy cream is the newest addition to our luscious and sensuous line of Revive & Restore topicals. We love it because it’s more than just a “beauty” product — it’s about skin health. No matter who you are, as we’ve talked about, our skin is our largest organ system. It covers us from head to toe. We need to treat it right and show it love.

This Blue Tansy topical is the perfect addition to your skincare ritual. It’s rich in chamazulene, an aromatic compound known for its calming and healing benefits.

This topical is also filled with sabinene and camphor — two powerful anti-inflammatories. On its own blue tansy has also been used to help heal and reduce the appearance of scars and marks. When your day has left you weary this nourishing and relaxing Blue Tansy topical is just what the doctor (should have) ordered.

But luckily for you, there’s no prescription needed for this gentle yet powerful topical. Our Blue Tansy Topical’s healing properties are bolstered by our balanced Ruby No. 83 Hybrid.

Blue Tansy

Arnica Cayenne

Our farm-grown Arnica Cayenne balm deeply saturates your muscles and lubricates stiff joints. This balm provides pain relief, reduces inflammation, increases circulation, and improves mobility.

Our super-potent cayenne and arnica infused with our whole-plant fresh-frozen cannabis oils derived from our invigorating Ruby No. 33 Sativa helps to regulate pain and inflammation.

Whether you’re just waking up or recovering from a game, this is what your joints and muscles need.

Arnica Cayenne